Vertical Shafts


Vertical shafts are characterized by a single surface opening with a vertically oriented (~90 degree) tunnel. The shaft has an elliptical to circular cross section and is generally straight. In many cases vertical shafts include a widened portion, or chamber, near their base in which the animal resides. Vertical shafts are frequently the first type of burrow produced and are sometimes abandoned quickly. They are utilized as temporary shelters to permanent dwellings.


Organisms that produce vertical shafts


Giant Vinegaroon
Florida Scrub Millipede
North American Millipede
Sonoran Desert Millipede
African Trapdoor Spider
Giant Vinegaroon Whip Scorpion fpenorgo North American Millipede Sonoran Desert Millipede G inermis 1 FillSpace
Mastigoproctus giganteus traces Floridobolus penneri traces Narceus americanus traces Orthoporus ornatus traces G9_VS-square FillSpace