O-Shaped Burrows


O-shaped burrows are characterized by a single surface opening leading to a single tunnel that loops back to the surface opening. Typically a short vertical shaft extends from the surface opening and connects to the O-shaped tunnel. The looped tunnel may be vertical to horizontal in orientation. Portions of the looped tunnel may be expanded into a chamber. O-shaped burrows can form from the modification of J-shaped burrows as the organism continues to excavate and connects the end of the “J” back into the main shaft. O-shaped burrows are used as temporary shelters and permanent dwellings.


Organisms that produce O-shaped burrows


Florida Scrub Millipede
North American Millipede
Florida Scrub Millipede North American Millipede FillSpace FillSpace FillSpace
O-Shaped Burrows O-Shaped Burrows FillSpace FillSpace FillSpace FillSpace